Commercial Management, Quantity Surveying, Estimating – for Fibre-Optic networks and the building trade

  • Are you a sub-contractor in need of a Commercial Manager/ Quantity Surveyor to manage your finances? 
  • Do you operate in the field of fibre-optics trenching or the building trade?
  • Would you like to improve cash-flow and remove the burden of commercial functions from your shoulders?

If you answer YES to the questions above, we can help you. We have developed a one-of-a-kind commercial management package for sub-contractors. For a small fee linked to turnover, QStimate will handle all commercial functions. Take a look at our package designed with you in mind. We work throughout Europe!

We remove the Commercial Functions burden from your shoulders. We do your commercials – you do production

At contract commencement we will:

• Organize necessary procurement on your behalf • Take care of commercial management responsibility • Do measurements from drawings & on site • Ensure contracts are not prohibitive to contractor • Market to main contractors

During the course of the contract we will:

• Complete all measurements • Submit all claims for payment and follow through on the payment • Ensure all your claims are paid • Ensure all DFE’s/variations are measured, priced, submitted and paid

On completion of the contract we will:

• Complete final accounts

• Ensure everything is paid – including retentions

We firmly believe that keeping our prices low and our flexibility to different countries is the key to our success.

In order to estimate our client’s building project or fibre-optic project, we measure projects from drawings. We then see the project through to completion and final payment.

  • We will measure the entire project from the drawings then show our client and agree on these measures.
    As we proceed with the project we will notify the client of any changes and agree on these changes in writing before we progress with the work.
  • If we fail in this we will be putting our client’s money at risk – you just never know if you will be paid anything for these ‘variations’ if you just progress with the work and claim when everything is complete. That just does not make any sense to us.
  • We have ‘tablets’, or computers, that we offer our contractors so they can record their work as soon as it is completed.  The tablet can transmit the message from anywhere that telephonic reception is available.
  • We do not want anyone to forget what they have done for the day – if they do not document all work they may forget to invoice for the work. We do not see the point of working if there will be no pay for the work! We firmly believe that the money belongs to the company completing the work, and to no-one else, and we will ensure that we are all paid.

QStimate would like to show you how we can save you money and time by using our Commercial Management services.

Our Quantity Surveying business, QStimate, was founded in 2008 as part of Kestrel Holdings. Our focus at that time was quantity surveying and estimating for buildings, industrial and schools, as well as residential. We also did Commercial Management for our Civil Engineering clients. 2008 was at the beginning of the recession in Ireland so we learned, very quickly, how to operate on a shoe string budget. We carried the knowledge we gained during the recession to our clients. We continue to do the commercial management and estimating/quantity surveying, to the building trade.

As Quantity Surveyors, in 2014 we branched into doing commercial management for fibre-optics. Our experience in estimating to fibre-optics is solid. We have successfully done the estimating for :

  • fibre-optics network projects worked on in Jamaica
  • fibre-optics network projects in the Midlands in the UK
  • fibre-optics network projects in Scotland

More about us:

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