Q – How much will your Commercial Management Package cost me?
A – Around 2.5% of whatever we submit on your behalf and is paid to you – less the VAT.

Q – Will you do measurements on site?
A – Yes we will do measurements on site. We will do the measures from the maps/drawings before starting and on completion, we will walk the site with you to ensure that the submitted measures are actually correct since these can change.

Q – What services does your marketing department offer?
A – We will draw up and submit your CV to any supply chain managers as part of our service. This should ensure the ongoing work for you. We can develop your website for you after consultation, at a reduced cost.

Q – What about legal services?
A – We will give you normal legal answers to any questions and we can take this up to a level excluding going to court. We cannot go to court for you since we are presumably not in the courts’ jurisdiction – we can give all communications to the legal counsel appearing in court.

Q – What are the benefits to me?
A – The more members we have the stronger we will be in order to push our – legitimate – requests forward. It will give you peace of mind that your commercial aspects are being handled by professionals and allow you to pursue the operational aspects with gusto!

Q – How will I save money by using your services?
A – You will save money by allowing us to complete your claims with a specially designed computer system that ensures that your complete claim is covered. This means you will not lose money as a result of mistakes. We will also complete a measure on-site so that you can be sure that your claims match up – with real time. This will save you not only money because of mistakes, but also time because we will do the calculations and collection of payment for you, leaving you to focus on getting the job done.

In our experience, Google Earth can be up to 5-10% incorrect. It does not take into account the hills and dips which cause miscalculations which leaves less money in your pocket.

Q – When do I get paid?
A – You will be paid as agreed in your contract with the client – We will ensure that you are paid as agreed in your contract with the client.
Should there be any verbal agreements we will confirm these agreements with the client on your behalf. If one does this immediately in writing then no-one can forget!

Q – How do I know that I will be paid?

A – We will ensure that you are paid as agreed in your contract.

Should there be any verbal agreements we will confirm these agreements with the client on your behalf. If one does this immediately in writing then no-one can forget!

Q – How do I pay QStimate?
A – You will pay us by bank transfer.

Q – How much will I have to pay QStimate

A – We will negotiate a percentage. This percentage will relate to the total (excluding VAT) of each invoice, including retention.

Q – What happens if I don’t pay QStimate

A – Failure to pay us could mean that our services to you can stop immediately. Please chat with us about this if you have problems with our payment.

Q – When does QStimate get paid?
A – When you get paid.

Q – Who will do the paperwork?

Your foreman will be given a tablet – we can purchase the tablet on your behalf – and he will do his daily returns of work completed.

Q – How do I know that my foreman is doing the correct work?

The foreman’s work must be signed off by the client’s supervisor. The signature will transfer the responsibility from you to the main contractor thereby eliminating the need to persistently return for remedial works that are not necessary. We will do the paperwork from the returns to the claim and anything further.

Q – What do I have to do?
A – Enter into an agreement with us.  You will focus on your work while we focus on the accounting.

Q – Do you find work for me?
A – Our marketing department is geared up to find more work for you and looking forward to it too. Not only will we create a professional CV for you, we will also forward it to the different supply chain managers.  Apart from this, we will design and print a glossy booklet for you to take with when you make presentations to supply chain managers and client representatives. This will professionally show off your business.
We can accompany you on these visits should you so require. We can discuss this.

Q – What do you mean if there are more members it will be better for us all?
A – We will negotiate on behalf of all of our members for better deals and payments and the more members we represent, the better prices we will get.

Q – How can I save money?
A – You will save money by not having to employ any staff to complete the Commercial functions. By contracting with us You can concentrate on production and leave the commercial functions to us, which will allow you to build a bigger and better business.

Q – Who does the accounting?
A – You will arrange your own accountant as we are sure that you currently have accountants in place.
Should you require we can arrange for an accountant to complete your books for you and submit these books. We will supply everything to the accountant.

Q – Who negotiates with the client?
A – You will negotiate with the client. We will give you everything that you need and if necessary we will negotiate for the commercial aspects on your behalf.
We can also assist you with this. Please chat with us about this.

Q – How are the legalities dealt with?
A – We have a solicitor on board who is a specialist in Contract Law.
She will answer all your legal questions and she will communicate directly with you.
Our solicitor will advise you on legal matters as part of your fees to us.
We will not be in a position to take your case to trial since you must have a solicitor that is within the precincts of that specific court.
Our solicitor will forward all the notes and communications to the acting solicitor and she can advise them should this be necessary.