Quantity Surveying & Estimating, Commercial Management – where we started

In 2008 QStimate started off in the business of Quantity Surveying and Estimating for our Civil Engineering clients. With the financial slow-down in Ireland over the next couple of years we were forced into entering the Building industry, once again completing estimating and Quantity Surveying for domestic, industrial and school buildings.

We firmly believe that keeping our prices low is the key to our success.

We have succeeded in the building industry to the extent where we are producing an on-line estimating tool to the building industry.

About our Quantity Surveying for Fibre-Optic cable installation

An opportunity came up in Jamaica working with a company that was installing a fibre-optic network supplying television, telephones and broadband at reasonable prices to the general population.
The problem with the satellite networks appeared to be that they are getting saturated and the fibre-optic would resolve and improve the situation.

We installed a fibre-optics “cable network” in Jamaica, the benefit of this system being that the fibre went directly into the person’s house (Fibre to the Home – FTTH), or business (FTTB), from the broadcaster so there would be no interference.

For those familiar with ‘cable systems’ in America – or fibre to the pavement – you would see the picture ‘freezing’ frequently. The FTTH system overcomes this.

We took responsibility for all the Quantity Surveying, designing new systems and we were responsible for all the underground installations, mostly for the FTTB network.

Ensuring the Fibre-Optics system never goes down

We quickly learned about ‘reciprocity’ and other design features for backing up the system, so the system never went ‘down’ and kept on transmitting thus giving the domestic and business customers unrivaled and uninterrupted broadband.

We took responsibility for the underground systems and had world beating record of installing a ‘backbone’ system in one month and being paid for it in three months!

Gaining the respect of our clients in fibre-optics cable installations and quantity surveying to the building trade

Our secret was working hand in hand with the client – gaining their respect for never over-claiming for anything, but also not leaving anything behind – or ‘on the table’.

As we noticed anything having any financial implication we went straight to the client and advised them, thus notifying them of the situation and allowing them to make financial arrangements or to make alternative arrangements, or to go with what we suggested.

We agreed the monthly payments and as we went along we agreed the final account.
There were no ‘surprises’ for our client! ‘No surprises’ is a feature that we have used throughout our business.

We then went on to Scotland, the Midlands in the UK and Wales and we are now appealing to you to allow us to show you exactly how we go about implementing our systems, for your benefit. These systems work!