We are very aware that the bulk of sub-contractors are very production oriented and as a result are not totally commercially aware.

QStimate has put together a one-of-a-kind commercial management package for sub-contractors.

  • Our aim is to remove the burden of commercial functions from the shoulders of sub-contractors and ensure they are not out of pocket at the end of a contract.
  • Let us help you significantly reduce your stress and save you money.
  • We will let you do what you know best – production and we will do what we do best, commercial management.

At contract commencement we will:

• Organize all necessary procurement on your behalf

• Take care of all commercial management responsibility

• Do measurements from drawings and measurements on site

• Ensure contracts are not prohibitive to the contractor

• Market you to main contractors

During the contract we will:

• Complete all measurements

• Submit all claims for payment and follow through on the payment

• Ensure all your claims are paid

• Ensure all DFE’s/variations are measured, priced, submitted and paid

On completion of the contract we will:

• Complete final accounts

• Ensure everything is paid – including retentions


As part of our commercial management package we will integrate your company with our revolutionary Mobile Inspection Solution, a Cloud based platform for collecting data in the field:

Our Mobile Inspection Solution is a powerful method for collecting data in the field. The system handles mobile inspections, mobile audits, mobile compliance and safety checks. Primary benefits are obvious; time saved, cost reduction, process improvements. Every inspection is a time-stamped, electronically signed document available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The inspection process is super easy – as easy as tapping a button or taking a picture, ensuring everyone takes the same steps in the same order to get the same results. This gives guaranteed accuracy, total consistency, and rigorous compliance.

The mobile solution works online and offline ensuring no paperwork, no lost forms, no double-entry, no filing. Appliances required are simply a tablet or smart cell phone.

In addition, the commercial management package we offer you will include:

nanika prinsloo attorneyA Solicitor who can assist with all legal queries up to a court appearance  – included in the package.

Our solicitor is also qualified in Financial Management and will direct all accounting functions.
In her legal capacity she will:

• Draw up contracts – included in the package.

• Assist with negotiations and help with legal queries – included in the package.

• Assist with negotiations and help with legal queries – included in the package.

lyn gunell websites and marketingA marketer who will gain access to all supply chain managers and actively market sub-contractors to these people – included in the package.

Our marketer will market sub-contractors to supply chain managers and also:

  • Design and develop websites for contractors where needed. This work for contractors will be done at a reduced cost. Sub-contractor websites will be linked to the QStimate web portal to give strength in numbers.
  • Company descriptions will be professionally written and packaged for sub-contractors and distributed to main contractors seeking sub-contractors – included in the package.


We encourage you to take advantage of what we are offering – for a small percentage of what you turnover – we will reduce your costs and add to your income.
If you do not earn – nor do we! We will let you do what you know best – PRODUCTION. Let us do what we know best – COMMERCIAL.